API changelog

Keep up to date with any changes to the MRI OnLocation API. For any product changes, check the Help Center.

May 2022 Audit log Use the audit log to view which account data has changed in the last 30 days.
Getting started WhosOnLocation is now MRI OnLocation. Note there is no change to the URL api.whosonlocation.com.
March 2022 Certifications Qualifications Management has been renamed Certifications Management. The qualifications endpoints have been deprecated, please switch to the new certifications endpoints.
December 2021 Getting started Introducing the new WhosOnLocation API documentation. The site includes a new and improved interface, more contextual information about the endpoint, and all documentation is now located in the same site.

New API endpoints for managing contractor insurance documents and qualification documents. Use the API to retrieve the details of your uploaded documents, upload new documents, or delete existing documents.
February 2021 Custom fields New API endpoints for custom fields. Use the API to retrieve your custom fields and tabs for employees and contractors.
December 2020 Custom questionnaires New API endpoints for custom questionnaires. Use the API to access your questionnaires, questions, and the answers that your employees and guests have submitted.
October 2020 Contractors Contractor inter-zone movements now included in the contractor movement endpoint.
May 2020 Employees Employee inter-zone movements now included in the employee movement endpoint.
December 2019 Inductions Manage induction courses for contractors and employees using the WhosOnLocation API.
May 2019 Contractors New endpoints to manage insurance policies for contractor organizations.
October 2016 Employees New endpoint to manage employee movements. Use the API to return all employee movements, or add or update a movement record.
March 2016 Getting started Use the WhosOnLocation API to build integrations that leverage your visitor and staff data.