Add a contractor member profile with custom fields

First, load the available custom fields in OnLocation (GET /customfield/element/sp-member).

Then, POST Request to /sp/member with a key that is called customfields, holding the id: value pair of the data.

Your return will show you the type of contractor member custom field, its ID number, and its name in OnLocation.

The example below shows a short-text custom field, titled 'Vehicle Registration', ID number 82:

    "cf_element": [ 
            "id": 82,
            "cf tab id": 9,
            "is visible": true,
            "is mandatory": false,
            "is unique": false,
            "title": "Vehicle Registration"
            "config": null,
            "created by": 24,
            "updated by": null,
            "created": "2021-05-06T02:42:40+12:00",
            "modified": null,
            "element_type": "short-text"

Finally, fire the POST updating the custom field.

For example:

    "name":"contractor member's name",  
    "customfields": {
        "82" : "information to add to the custom field"